Welcome to Thee Hustle House - We Will Not Stop Until We Are Done

Take a minute to gather yourself and prepare your mind for a little light reading about what the journey is all about for us here at Thee Hustle House. We can start with this, we have always had a passion to eat. That’s all it is. In order to eat, you gotta play the game. So we have spent the last few years creating a game plan and it’s finally time to reveal it. And the best part, the corona virus is now officially 1 year old and throne a massive wrench in how the world operates. We will get back to that later but for now we are gonna ignore that. 

What we will focus on instead is how we can eat! So what do we need to eat? We need a hustle. In the old world, people worked daily with mindless tasks just in order to pay rent and bills. These people were not eating. 

We now live in a world where a hustle is not an option, it’s a necessity. I choose my hustle to focus on education, technology, cryptocurrency, & art. The idea of Thee Hustle House was and will always be aimed at creating a place that encompasses, encourages, and embraces all aspects of Thee Hustle! 

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