About Thee Hustle House

What is Thee Hustle House?

Thee Hustle House is a full service media, marketing and consulting company focused on web3 and NFT technology. As CEO of Thee Hustle House, I have been educating people on these topics since 2017 with a sense of dedication to the emerging technology because of its obvious importance to the evolution of fin-tech. As a content creator I have made videos, podcasts, and live spaces shows focused on all topics related to NFTs and crypto and as a consultant I have helped some of the largest projects in the space with marketing strategies, community guidance, networking, and execution of strategies.


Growing up in Los Angeles and being schooled in graphic design; i've long been infatuated with various arts and cultures. As an early adopter of technologies and an ex-Apple employee, tech has played a huge role in my life as well. After years of connecting with people who shared these same interests, I realized that there was an inherent need to build a community for people like us. People that value both the importance of tech and innovation along with modern day art and culture. Thus, Thee Hustle House was born.


Thee Hustle House is always open to collaboration so feel free to contact us to chat about how we can work together!


- Baron Von Hustle


Baron Von Hustle showing off Jason the Ape (BAYC 2334) on an interview with The Guardian